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This is a Flickr badge showing public photos and videos from Oxford University Expedition to Qarahunge.

Expedition Members

Our team members will be focused on measuring the position of stones, villages, comparing these to the night sky, calculating the age of the monument, and also taking panoramic video footage of the places we attend. The other half of the team is going to be focused on historical aspects of the research. More precisely they are going to understand the meaning of the images craved on the stones found in the 4 nearby villages. The gathered information about the logic of human geography in that region as well as the meaning of the words and connections to the legends may possibly reveal new interesting historical facts. We have a local linguist and historian working with us. The rest of the team will be responsible for taking appropriate videos for a documentary to be produced about the expedition, and of the monument itself.

Our Team members

Special thanks to Oxford friends:
Alexandr Khrapichev (Oxford, Wolfson) - for fruitful discussions
Anya Aleksandrova (Oxford, LMH) - for sketching the expedition's logotype
Nikita Loik (Oxford, Corpus Christi) - for vector rendering of the logo
Oleg Golubchikov (Oxford, Christ Church) - for fruitful discussions
Justin Floyd (Oxford, Christ Church) - for fruitful discussions
and many others

Special thanks to our friends in Armenia:
Ashot Avagyan - Artist, educator, Director of Qarahunge (Zorats Qarer) historical complex

Special thanks to all the people who contacted us in Armenia:
Vardan Balyan - Founder of the Friends Club of Zorats Karer
Elma S. Parsamyan - Corresponding Member of NAS of RoA
Pavel S. Avetisyan - Director of the Institute of Archaeology
Gurzadyan Vahagn - head of Cosmology research at YSU and YerPhI
and many others

Our Local contact is Mr. Vano Dadoyan (President of Kenats Tun NGO ).

We found information in Paris Herouni's book named "Armenians and Old Armenia" very useful.

Our utmost gratitude to our sponsors: The AA Paton Fund; The Oxford University Expedition’s Council; Royal Geographical Society (with IBS), Andrews Bequest Fund; Gerezman Solutions; Vaneni Design


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