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This is a Flickr badge showing public photos and videos from Oxford University Expedition to Qarahunge.


If you are a member of the press and you are interested in covering this story please do contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.
Our press releases will be also available on this page.

Media Release

1. 17 September (.pdf)

3D laser scanning technology demonstration

Reconstruction of Christ Church Tom Quad, Oxford 2010

This technology has been suggested to create 3D model (electronic reconstruction) of Qarahunge monument. Taking into account the complexity of the monument, this will be the best technique to study and reconstruct initial state of the monument. Special thanks to Leica Geosystems: Paul Burrows and Martin Edwards who made this video in 20 minutes to demonstrate the efficiency of the Leica products. Vaclav Potesil and Mihran Vardanyan assisted during the scanning procedure.

Qarahunge (Zorats Karer) on TV

First Armenian channel (Armenian, English subtitles)

Voice of America (Armenian)

Correction by Voice of America

History Channel US (English)

Note: The Cygnus (or the Swan constellation) is still visible from Qarahunge, although the absolute positions of the stars have changed as well as the relative position of the constellation. Simple way to check this is to use these +39° 33' 6.12", +46° 1' 44.33" coordinates in an astronomical program like stellarium or celestia. However there is a Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis.

CNN World View (English)

Some of the claims in this video have not been checked or confirmed by the expedition. Thus we can't comment on them, please contact CNN or Yerkir Media for more information.

CBS News (English)

Dorians "Sleepless Nights" (Filmed at Qarahunge)

Dorians is an Armenian rock band.
Dorians is performing at Qarahunge (Zorats Karer, Carahuge). The video was first uploaded by Music of Armenia in December 2009 and was made about a year prior to the Oxford Expedition.
The video is unique as it features the site's spiritual side as well as its relevance to the site's name which translated means Sound of Stones.

RGS Expeditions 2010

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In The News (En)

The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

Azatutyun Radio (Am) (in Armenian, in Russian)

Voice of America (Am)

168 HOURS (Am, En)

The Government of The Republic of Armenia - ARMENIA HIGHLIGHTS (En)

Yerevan Magazine (En)

Yerevan Report (En)

Interesting Talks Oxford (En)


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